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How to make a man fall in love

How to make a man fall in love and then invite you to continue to the level of marriage, can be done by all women without exception. Is M. Gary Neuman, a Psychotherapist, and writer who is recognized by Oprah Winfrey as "one of the best psychotherapists in the world."

M. Gary Neuman said that a woman's behavior would make a coveted man fall in love sincerely and very seriously. What things do you have to do in order for your business to succeed?

1. Maintain eye contact

How to make a man fall in love

Eye contact is very important to build connections with other people. According to research conducted by psychologist Zick Rubin of Harvard University, couples who truly love making eye contact as much as 75% during talks. So, always keep eye contact when he is talking.

2. Make him feel special

man fall in love

Make the ideal guy fall in love, they treat him as someone special in your life. Neuman says men will feel comfortable when women appreciate everything they do.

A happy relationship will also occur when both parties always try to make a partner feel valued.

3. Be Yourself

be yourself for love

Being yourself is the attitude coveted by men towards women. In fact, men like women who are always themselves and have standards that will not lower just because he likes a man.

This means you don't have to do what he likes just because he wants to attract his attention. Going camping just because he asked you to go alone when you don't like climbing mountains? Oh please, this will make him bored because he knows you actually 'half-hearted' do it.

4. Be Interested and Always Listen

man fall in love with you

Based on studies conducted by the University of Nevada and the University of Washington, being a good listener is a surefire way to make him fall in love with you.

Neuman added, someone will be happy when they find out the other person is interested in themselves and wants to ask further questions. Responding to yourself with affection can also make men coveted more interested in you.

5. Show That You Are a Unique Woman

show that you are a unique woman

Show that you are an attractive woman with various traits that are not easily found in other women. For example, the girls always say that you have a sweet nature, then show that you also have a fearless and independent side. Or such as you are a fan of the book, show that you also have a fun and adventurous side. Having two unique qualities will make a man think, "God, don't let him be 'taken' by another man."

Well, Cosmo advises, it would be better if you show these qualities, and not talk about them on a date. Confused how? Do different things each time you go together. Spend this weekend at the museum while looking at art exhibitions, then the next time take him to the playground or escape room.

6. Smile

smile for your love

Yup, simple ways like smiling can also make a man fall in love. According to a study at Drake University, smiling makes someone look more attractive, confident, and hot! No wonder if coveted men want to have you soon.

7. Be Independent

be independent for love

Note: women who always need the help of men on their side and cannot be independent will only make men turnoff. Conversely, men like women who are tough but still have a vulnerable side behind it.

In the eyes of Adam, when a woman needs their help, it means that she wants to trust themselves completely to the man. This also applies vice versa, although men rarely ask for help because of his high ego, when a man asks for help to women, he honestly gives a "signal" that he is approaching you.

8. Do Lots of Touches

do lots of touches

Touch is body language to accept someone's presence. Neuman explained that touch can increase comfort and build connections with others.
In fact, touch can increase passion in relationships. Try to touch him more often. A small touch on the shoulder when you talk or welcome the grip of his hand when walking is able to increase intimacy with him.

9. Appreciate the Passion He Has

appreciate the passion he has

The passion he has will indirectly reflect his true identity. According to Neuman, when someone talks about something they like, they also share their most vulnerable side.

So when you can appreciate the passion he has, we can be sure he will be crazy about you!

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Note : image from pixabay.com
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